Timothy Jackson Herot 1992-2023


Timothy Herot, age 31, unexpectedly died at home in Malibu on August 16, 2023. Tim was a giving soul, gentle with people, and cared most about helping others. He intervened when someone was bullied or treated unfairly and reached out to others when they were struggling or hurting in any way.

Tim lived in Connecticut and New Jersey before moving to Malibu. He was an entrepreneur and salesman from an early age. Among his early sales efforts was setting up signs for a carwash at age six without informing his parents (who then had to wash many of the neighbors’ cars).

Tim also somehow ended up with the lunch money of many of his classmates as a result of him collecting dues for an organization he started called the “Cow Club” at age seven. When parents complained to the school, he was called to the principal’s office and asked what the fees were for. “Membership,” he replied.

At age eleven, Tim moved to Malibu and was enrolled in the local school system. Always the entrepreneur, Tim and his friend Cody Vilkin started the Malibu Dough Boys – making and selling apple pies while attending Malibu High School.

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On most summer weekends, he would travel back to Connecticut and sail with family along the Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts coastline.

After his success with the pie business, Tim’s culinary interests continued. While gaining experience as an intern at Angelini Osteria (LA’s #1 Zagat-rated Italian restaurant), he was moved up the ranks and took his place as a line cook with Chef Gino Angelini.

Tim loved working as a volunteer feeding the local homeless and found real purpose in preparing food and especially hearing and sharing stories with those he served.

Tim then started his own business, Malibu Chefs, with the aim of selling teas and fermented sauerkraut at farmers markets. He went through all the processes, such as obtaining a trademark and getting the permits and licenses needed to sell his product. He was set to start selling in mid-August but tragically passed away the same week.

Tim is survived by his parents, Frederick Herot of Malibu, CA and Deborah Herot of Monte Rio, CA, his uncle, Christopher Herot of Boston, MA, his Aunt Amy Herot of Sunland, CA, His aunt Donna Kovarick of Greenville, SC, his uncle David Jackson of Overland Park, KA, His uncle Larry Jackson of Stow, ME, their families, cousins, and many dear friends in the area.

Celebration of life services will be
October 13 (Friday) 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Malibu Methodist Church
30128 Morning View Drive
Malibu CA 90265

In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to the Emily Shane Foundation.

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