The following incidents were reported between Nov. 22 to Nov. 24


Vehicle Burglary
A vehicle parked near Surfrider Beach was broken into and ransacked. The victim left the key underneath a surfboard, went surfing, and upon return, the key was missing, and their vehicle was ransacked. The victim said an estimated $2,550 worth of belongings were taken from the passenger seat, including a tablet and GoPro. There was no damage made to the vehicle. There were no security cameras available for evidence.

An estimated $1,133 worth of cosmetics were stolen from CVS Pharmacy on Malibu Road. The suspects were described as two white females entering the store and walked out without paying. The security footage was submitted for evidence.

‘Sea and Soul’ Surf retail store at the Zumba Beach Plaza was broken into, and an E-bike was stolen. The victim said the suspects threw a rock to break into the store and take the bike. The broken door was estimated to cost $1,200 to repair.