The following incidents were reported between March 19 to April 17



Grand Theft

An estimated $18,000 worth of camera equipment was stolen from a visitor on Leo Carrillo Beach. The victim said they left their property on the stairs, and when they walked back to the area 15 minutes later, their items were gone. There were no security cameras or witnesses available for evidence. 


Petty Theft

Two trash cans were stolen from a property along PCH. The victim said they took their trash cans outside for the weekly pick up and it was missing the following day. The victim said the front security cameras were not working properly to capture the incident. The trash cans were estimated to cost $100 to replace. 



A vehicle parked near Sweetwater Canyon was broken into and the rear window was shattered. The victim said two suitcases were stolen from the vehicle. There were no security cameras or witnesses available for evidence. The window was estimated to cost $500 to repair. 



Tires to a vehicle parked at the Vintage Grocers parking lot were punctured and the victim said the tires were estimated to cost $1,000 to replace. There were no security cameras available for evidence.