The following incidents were reported between March 12 to March 25


The following incidents were reported between March 12 to March 25


Vehicle tampering

A vehicle parked near Bluewater Road was tampered with. The security footage showed a suspect walk towards the vehicle attempting to open it but was unable to because it was locked. There was no damage to the vehicle.



A vehicle parked near Big Rock Drive was broken into, the front passenger window was shattered and a laptop, wallet and Apple airpods were stolen. The laptop was worth $800. The window was estimated to cost $500 to repair.


Grand Theft

An electric bicycle worth $8,662 was stolen from a property on Wildlife Road. The victim had security footage of the incident, and the suspect was described as a male in his 40s, wearing a grey baseball cap, with a green logo, framed black grasses, and white shoes. The suspect was seen walking towards the driveway where the bike was; however, due to the range of the video, the suspect was not seen on video taking the bicycle. The security footage was given to the deputies for evidence.



A vehicle parked in a driveway on Pacific Coast Highway was broken into and the window was shattered. The victim heard their car alarm and when they checked on their vehicle, they noticed the window was smashed. The victim said there was nothing missing from their vehicle. There were no security cameras available for evidence. The window was estimated to cost $200 to replace.


A vehicle parked near Civic Center Way was broken into and ransacked. The victim said an estimated $800 in cash was stolen.