The following incidents were reported between Feb. 6-Feb.20:


A vehicle parked near Nicholas Beach was broken into, and a messenger bag worth $170 and prescription glasses were stolen. There was no damage to the vehicle. The glasses were estimated to cost $500 to replace.

Petty Theft
A package was stolen from a property on Escondido Drive. The victim said they received a notification that the package was delivered; however, they were unable to locate it. The package had $343 worth of clothing.

Two iPhones, credit cards, and a key fob were stolen from a vehicle parked on Broad Beach. The victim went surfing, hid the key on the passenger rear tire, and upon return, the key was taken, and his vehicle was ransacked. The victim reported the incident three days after it occurred.

An electric bicycle worth $2,500 was stolen from a garage on Malibu Colony. The victim said the garage was only accessible through an elevator in the main lobby. The victim said the suspects were seen entering the location and pushing the electric bicycle out of the garage. Suspect one was described as a Hispanic female with shoulder-length dark hair and wearing blue jeans. Suspect two appeared to be a Hispanic male wearing a gray sweater and blue jeans.

A home on Bison Ct was burglarized, and an estimated $312,379 worth of jewelry was stolen. The victim said they had numerous events and gatherings and were unable to determine who took the jewelry. There was no evidence or forced entry to the property.

Vehicle theft
A 2018 blue BMW was stolen from a property in Malibu. The vehicle was worth $58,000. The victim said the vehicle’s GPS tracking device pinged in Canoga Park, and the vehicle was entered into SVS as stolen by the station secretary.

Identity theft
A vehicle parked near Topanga Beach parking lot was broken into and ransacked. The victim locked his key in the lockbox, went surfing, and upon return, noticed his vehicle was unlocked and ransacked. The victim’s cell phone, wallet, and driver’s license was stolen. The victim was notified of an unauthorized charge of $24,036.55.

Vehicle burglary
A vehicle parked near Encinal Canyon road was broken into, and multiple credit cards were stolen. The victim received a notification that an estimated $3,237 worth of fraudulent charges were made to his credit cards. The front driver side keyhole was damaged, and the damage was estimated to be worth $150.

Package pinched
Amazon packages were stolen from a vehicle parked on Cavalleri Road. The victim said the suspects were seen on the security cameras and were described as two Hispanic males; the first was wearing a gray baseball cap, a flannel jacket, black pants, black shoes, and wearing a red face mask. The second suspect was wearing a black ski mask, black hoodie, blue jeans, and black and white converse shoes. The victim said the suspects stole a total of eleven packages from his vehicle.