Raising Vibrations: First High Vibe Festival brings community together

First High Vibe Festival took place on Sunday, Jan. 30, with a morning filled with yoga, meditation, and dancing

A morning filled with yoga, meditation, and dancing were some of the activities the Malibu community enjoyed on Sunday morning for the first High Vibe Festival. 

The event was filled with a series of workshops such as a group energy healing, relaxation, meditation, and singing bowls with Melissa Eliyahoo. 

Spiritual instruments were used to produce different sounds and tones with their unique vibrations; they are both meditative and calming.

“Something that has yet to be done in Malibu was created,” Eliyahoo said in an Instagram post. “It was an absolutely epic day; we transformed, connected, and brought the Malibu community in a way that has not been done before.”

Eliyahoo was one of the many organizers and coaches that led the workshops on Sunday. This is the first event organized during the Malibu Farmers Market on Civic Center Way.

The next event is scheduled to be on Feb. 13.

Samantha Bravo
Samantha Bravo
Samantha Bravo is an inspiring photojournalist based in Los Angeles California. She began her journalism career at Pierce College Media Arts Department. Twitter @samanthavbravo

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