Perspective: ‘The Volcano’ See it!

Burt Ross

‘The Volcano.’ See it!

By Burt Ross

Malibu’s own Rory Kennedy has done it again! This prolific producer and director of informative documentaries with a social conscience has created an extraordinary film about a volcano on an island off the coast of New Zealand. I refuse to reveal any additional information for fear of reducing its impact.

Both my bride and I watched the film on Netflix and thoroughly enjoyed this Oscar-worthy documentary. Rory has the unusual ability to create as much drama in a documentary as there is in a dramatic movie. The film is riveting, a nail-biter, and I never lost interest.

Rory has the rare gift for producing and directing outstanding documentaries that hold your interest and often have a message without being preachy. One of her finest films was “Last Days in Vietnam,” which was deservedly nominated for an Oscar. The film was wrenching and grabbed you from beginning to end just as “The Volcano” does.

Do yourself a favor and watch “The Volcano.”