Perspective: A Day to Be Grateful

Burt Ross

A Day to Be Grateful

by Burt Ross

There is an overwhelming discontent in the land. I see it everywhere, including on Nextdoor right here in Malibu. We live in paradise and have every reason to be grateful, but for reasons I have difficulty understanding, based on social media postings, you would think we live in hell. Much of life has to do with attitude. We can dwell on our misfortune, and we all have experienced losses and failures, or we can choose to appreciate what we have that is good. It is a choice.

It is too bad that we only have one day designated for thanksgiving. I try to give thanks each day. I say “give thanks” because whether you believe in God or not, so much of what we have is not of our own doing. I will be forever grateful that I was born to two parents who loved me until their dying days. I was born in this country, which despite its many problems, I love and would not want to live anywhere else.

I am also grateful that I can afford to live in Malibu, with its natural beauty and temperate climate. I lost my home to the Woolsey fire but never thought for a moment of leaving Malibu. I am thankful that I had good insurance, which enabled me to rebuild my home, and that I have the resources to help those less fortunate than I am.

I am most grateful that I have shared the last half of my life with the person whom I love the most and that we were able to produce two children who love one another and who have become productive, independent adults.

And yes, I do not take for granted that, approaching the end of my eighth decade, I still have some body parts which work well enough to get by.

May you all have a grateful Thanksgiving!