Letter to The Editor: Pepperdine Memorial on PCH

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor,

I just came from the Memorial for the Pepperdine girls at Webb Way. I had to leave because I truly couldn’t get past how Horribly dangerous it felt!

We were memorializng these beautiful women, hit and Killed as pedestrians by a clipped car. These girls died standing on the side of the road by speeding cars. Now, this was being held on the sidewalk, right beside speeding cars.

On Sunday, Malibu will add other tires to this memorial, including Emily Shane’s. An innocent pedestrian was targeted! Right on the side of the road.

One hundred plus pedestrians in the path of a reckless or angry driver. A speeding Pepperdine student blasted through that very intersection at 109mph just days ago!

Since the girl’s murder, there have been two recent accidents that were addressed at City Hall this morning, both caused by distraction. Were the media lights and cameras right on the sidewalk not a distraction?

I left the memorial because it felt so uncomfortable and completely Unsafe for myself and the mourners.

Please, Lost Hills, address this before Sunday’s memorial when we have triple the amount of traffic. I was so shocked to see the Sheriff and Council Members standing there watching this after I’d spent the majority of my day listening to all of these people talk to Malibites about how much they are going to do to make PCH safe.

Paige Dunham, Malibu