Mountain Recreation and Conservation Authority Clean up Malibu

Mountain Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) employees were seen emptying trash bins and picking up litter on the Malibu coastal access ways on Monday July 4. Photos courtesy @mrcaparks on Instagram.

Independence Day draws large crowds to our local beaches from near and far, bringing with it beer cans and bottles, broken tents, water toys, beach chairs, food containers, balloons, and much more. This holiday, in particular, seems to be notorious for creating litter. Since the Fourth of July is often celebrated outdoors and near the shores, this makes for more litter outside.

The City of Malibu has been encouraging visitors to keep Pacific Coast Highway, canyon roads, beaches, and trails clean and safe for all to enjoy. State Parks will have maximal staffing levels and will also be monitoring and addressing litter and fire safety. Beaches and Harbors increase staffing starting mid-May to assist with parking, maintenance, and trash. CHP will be focusing on DUI and street racing enforcement. The City Public Works Department will be out in Malibu monitoring and addressing waste and other issues in the following days.