Malibu’s Pamela Anderson makes stage debut; Jane Seymour gives it her all, heart and soul.

Longtime local Pamela Anderson has left her seaside surroundings for an eight-week run on Broadway. The blonde “Baywatch” bombshell has fans all over the globe, not only big in the U.S., but a huge phenom in Europe too. 

Pam took on the role of Roxie Hart in the hit “Chicago.” 

What is more, fans from countries like the Netherlands and Britain flocked to her opening night performance. 

She says at first tackling something new was a bit scary. Instead of a rocking a colorful red one-piece bathing suit and running on the sandy shores of Malibu, she plunged into the role of one of New York’s singing and dancing queens at the top of Broadway’s most beloved roles.

“On ‘Baywatch’ I thought I can do this because I live here, I live at the beach,” she is quoted as saying. “I didn’t think I was capable of doing it (Chicago,) but now I think I can.”

Pamela Anderson gets a bouquet of roses after here Broadway debut in “Chicago.” Photo courtesy of Evan Agostini/Invasion/AP.

One follower few from Los Angeles to NYC for one reason only: to see Pam. Describing herself as a superfan, Nicole Green was one of the many theater-goers who made the trek to see Pam-as-Roxie’s opening night. Part of the fun was catching Pam’s transition from a lifesaving, beachy television heroine to a leading role in the bright lights of America’s favorite theater district. “I am a huge follower of hers since ‘Baywatch,’” Green told NBC. “I thought Pamela Anderson was just the perfect person to fit the bill of Roxie.”

Pam’s splashy comeback also coincides with her announcement that Netflix is planning to do a bio-doc on the actress telling her “real story.”

This comes on the heels of Hulu’s fictionalized series “Pam and Tommy,” detailing some of the steamier parts of her relationship and life with ex-husband Tommy Lee.

The new Netflix series will also feature the newcomer’s journey to Broadway so fans can get a peak at how she pulled the role of Roxie together.

The story of Roxie tells the tale of an aspiring starlet who wiggles her way out of jail by becoming a media sensation after murdering a man she was involved with romantically. 

Her opening night performance was a hit with audiences saying she did a great job and held her own in a crowd of other talented music and dance pros. 

Opening night earned her a standing ovation and a bouquet of fresh, red roses.

“She had great stage presence,” says her Los Angeles mega fan Green, “and I am so proud of her.”

Pam’s “Chicago” show is scheduled to run until June 5.

Jane Seymour opens her heart 

Jane Seymour poses on the red carpet during a gala for her Open Hearts Foundation on April 30. Photo courtesy of

Malibu beauty Jane Seymour, famed for her roles in “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” and the James Bond film “Live and Let Die,” is showing her love and tremendous caring once again with another celebration of her tremendously popular Open Hearts Foundation. 

An online auction of luxurious must-have items and desirable packages is taking place now at

Generous Jane is not only opening her heart but also her home for a black-tie gala on April 30. The foundation has been a life-saver for countless organizations over the last 10 years. Most recently it has been instrumental in donating to programs to stop the spread of COVID-19. But there is so much more to Jane’s do-gooding group than meets the eye. And keep your eye on Malibu Seen for more of the smashing details!

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