Malibu Sharks surf team

Malibu Sharks Surf Team finalist during the SSS (Schoolast Surf Series) competition that took place over the weekend of Feb. 26 and 27 in Zuma Beach. It was the last competition of the season. Teams are coached by John Cross. Photo Credit: Arpie Petkus

Last regular-season contests of the year at Zuma Beach. 

Congrats to our Zuma Comp Middle School Finalists | Feb. 22

Boys Shortboard 

Remington 2nd

Kodiak 6th 

Girls Longboard

Bridget 4th

Boys Longboard

Sean 3rd


Sean 3rd

Remington 4th

Congrats to our Zuma Comp High School Comp Finalists | Feb. 27

Men’s Shortboard 

Caueh 1st

Women’s Shortboard 

Ella 1st

Vanessa 2nd

Whitney 6th

Women’s Longboard 

Vanessa 3rd

Whitney 5th

Men’s Longboard

Shelby 3rd

Matteo 5th


Shelby 2nd

Tristan 4th

Congrats to our Carpinteria State Beach High School Comp Finalists | Jan. 23

Women’s Shortboard 

Vanessa Clarke 2nd

Women’s Longboard 

Whitney Shanahan 3rd

Vanessa Clarke 4th

Keira Petkus 6th

Men’s Longboard

Cole Sturgeon 5th


Tristan Sturgeon 2nd

Congrats to our Carpinteria State Beach Comp Middle School Finalists | Jan. 22

Girls Shortboard 

Carmen Brunel 6th

Boys Longboard

London Runyan 2nd

Leon Reed 3rd

Calvin Petkus 6th


Stevie Clarke 1st

Calvin Petkus 2nd