Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department address street racers; offers venues to prevent injuries

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has created a new Public Service Announcement to address the rise in street racing takeovers, and let drivers know that there are safe, legal alternatives to the deadly takeover events that have been proliferating throughout Los Angeles County. 

There are many racing venues throughout Southern California where drivers can participate in drifting and drag racing events, in front of large crowds, and as part of a vibrant car community. The LASD asks drivers to stick to these venues, rather than contribute to the needless injuries and fatalities that continue to occur at illegal street takeovers.

Southern California Racing Venues: 

  • Irwindale Speedway
  • Apple Valley Speedway
  • Willow Springs Raceway
  • Auto Club Speedway
  • Barona Speedway
  • Famoso Dragstrip
  • Chuckwalla Valley Raceway
  • Adams Motorsports Park