Letter to the Editor: Well done

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor:

All five members of our City Council should be congratulated for voting unanimously to extend the contract of The People Concern, the social service agency which continues to find interim and permanent housing for many of Malibu’s homeless people.

For the past several years, The People Concern has provided Malibu with two full-time outreach workers who patiently build relationships with homeless individuals, connecting them with a full range of services, including medical attention, substance abuse treatment, psychiatric care, and countless other services.

Because of The People Concern’s dedicated, integrated services, many of Malibu’s homeless individuals have now moved into permanent supportive housing.

No one approach will solve the problem of people living on our streets but was it not for The People Concern, many more people would be homeless here.
Members of our City Council, well done!

Burt Ross, Malibu