Letter to The Editor: Strong Support to continue Malibu Farmers Market at Legacy Park

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor,

Here is my letter to the Malibu City Council.

I am a long-time Malibu resident, writing to express my strong support for the continued operation of the farmers market at Legacy Park in the Malibu community. This market has become an integral part of our community, providing access to fresh, locally-grown produce and products from local farmers and artisans.

The farmers market at Legacy Park has been a great success and is beloved by residents from all across the city. It has become a hub of activity, bringing people together in a shared love for local food and community. The spacious lawns, ample parking, and beautiful surroundings of Legacy Park make it the ideal location for this market.

I strongly urge the city council to vote in favor of keeping the Malibu farmers market at Legacy Park. This market is a vital part of our community, and its continued operation will have a positive impact on our residents, local farmers, and the community as a whole.

Tracy Weirick, Malibu