Letter to The Editor: Revitalize the Malibu Farmers Market

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor, 

We request immediate action regarding the Malibu Farmers Market.

We ask the City of Malibu and the Market Organizers to consider the replacement of Debra Bianco as the market manager.

It is essential to appoint a leader who is dedicated to fostering a positive, respectful, and inclusive atmosphere for all vendors, consumers, and community members.

Vendor Support and Fair Treatment: We call for fair treatment of vendors at the market. Specifically, we demand an end to Ms. Bianco’s “taking” items without compensation and of vendors purchasing Malibu Farmers Market T-shirts as a required “uniform.”

All vendors should be treated equitably, with equal opportunities to showcase their products and participate in the market without penalties.

Improved Facilities and Hygiene: The need for improved restroom and handwashing facilities. One portable toilet for 80 vendors is unacceptable. We request additional facilities to ensure the well-being and comfort of vendors and attendees alike.

Environmental Responsibility: The implementation and enforcement of sustainable practices at the market. This includes the provision of clearly marked recycling and compost bins to promote responsible waste management.

Furthermore, the strict adherence to the ban on Plastic Shopping Bags (Chapter 9.28 MMC) and the Ban on Plastic Food Packaging/Plasticware (Chapter 9.24).

By signing this petition, we express our unwavering support for positive change. We believe addressing these concerns is crucial to creating a vibrant, inclusive, and environmentally responsible market that reflects the values of Malibu.

We kindly request that the City of Malibu, the Market Organizers, and the Board of Directors take immediate action to address these concerns and work collaboratively with stakeholders to implement the necessary changes.

Together, we can cultivate a Farmers Market that truly represents the spirit of our community and offers an exceptional experience for all.

Monica Smith, Malibu