Letter to the editor: Re City Council Meeting March 14

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor,

I was sickened by the most recent Council meeting during which a handful of Bruce Silverstein supporters accused members of the Council of being misogynistic, anti-semitic, and corrupt. Bruce listened and then followed with an attack of his own.

When Silverstein called Reva Feldman a “fascist” or questioned the competence of then City Attorney, Christi Hogan, who was named as a top municipal lawyer by the Los Angeles Daily Journal, his supporters did not accuse him of being anti-semitic or misogynistic.

Yes, we should have more women on our boards and commissions, but when Silverstein bemoans the fact that there are no women on the Planning Commission, one might rightfully ask why he appointed a man. The fact that he did not does not make him misogynistic.

If the majority of our citizens continue to remain silent, our City will be taken over by people whose hatred knows no bounds. The only reason that Silverstein is not our Mayor today is because of his incessant personal attacks on others with whom he serves. Silverstein has come to believe that only by inciting his supporters can he sustain their support to gain majority control of the Council, and if that happens, the sense of community which once enveloped Malibu will be gone.

Burt Ross, Malibu