Letter to the Editor: Profound disappointment with the city council

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor, 

I am writing to express my profound disappointment with the city council meeting on Monday which can only be described as a chaotic mess. As a resident of Malibu, I had hoped to witness thoughtful discussions and decisive actions from our council, yet what unfolded last night was a far cry from that ideal.

The denial of the proposed new motel without offering any viable solutions was a significant setback for our community. It’s disheartening to see such a lack of foresight and collaboration among our city officials. Instead of working together to address the needs of our growing community, the council seemed content to engage in fruitless debates and offer ideas that lacked any semblance of practicality.

Adding insult to injury, Yoland Bundy’s assertion that she hadn’t seen the drawings is simply baffling. How can a crucial decision be made without all council members having access to essential information? This oversight reflects a failure on the part of everyone involved and undermines the integrity of the decision-making process.

As residents, we deserve better from our city council. We entrust them with the responsibility of guiding Malibu toward a prosperous future, yet their actions last night fell far short of that expectation. It’s imperative that our elected officials prioritize transparency, accountability, and collaboration moving forward to avoid repeating such blunders.

I urge my fellow residents to hold our city council accountable for their actions and demand better governance for the betterment of our beloved community.

Tim Scott, Malibu