Letter to the Editor: Non-local trucks on PCH

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor, 

Letter to Malibu City Council regarding Item 2A. Non-local trucks on PCH: 

Be sure to thank the Malibu Township Council for this restriction.  I’m sure there were others but Harriett Pollon worked tirelessly with Walt Keller on it.  They were ableo to obtain as good a restriction as we have.  I’d love for it to be more than 2 axles (thereby banning 3 axle vehicles) but I’m a realist.

The restriction was imposed before cityhood.  I would hope that the City Council would consider a licensing program similar to that deployed in many municipalities (San Marino is but one example).  Such programs generally require every commercial vehicle to pay a municipal permit.  That might cut down on the legal bobtails that seem pre-disposed to drag race through town.

Bill Sampson, MalibuBill