Letter to the Editor: Karen’s contempt, Malibu’s shame

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor, 

Amiability being one of Malibu’s tacit commandments, one is hesitant to breach it.

But given Councilperson Karen Farrer’s municipal malfeasance, her abuse of her sworn oath of office, her questionable voting record and her self-aggrandizement and shameful self-interest, I must.

Whatever hesitancy there was dissipated when she had the temerity or mindlessness to defend her actions with pathetic piety or disturbing ignorance as she did, however awkwardly, in recent council meetings.

And then not forgotten was her denigrating her accusers in a legal disposition, dissipating a pricey city corruption investigation, or having her doleful lap dogs spray personal insults, or misinform and malign, as the rapacious Realtor Drew Leonard publicly did to us.

As one who supported her initial run four years ago, and who posted her campaign signs, I at first was disappointed in her fealty to the conniving former city manager, but further embarrassed by her doddering, ill-prepared performances on council, and then appalled by her overt gaming of Project Rebuild.

Given the impending local election and the future of the community itself in balance, amiability must be set aside, the truth be told, and maybe, just maybe, Karen Farrer will expend a remaining ounce of common sense and decency and not run for re-election, and save herself, her family, and Malibu, further embarrassment.

Sam Kaplan