Letter to the Editor: In response to Malibu city council

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor,

I am writing about the egregious and shameful act committed against the people of Malibu and councilman Bruce Silverstein by the current city council majority—Karen Farrer, Mikke Pierson, and Paul Grisanti.

These three crafted a controversy by claiming the same false charges against Bruce that originated by departed city manager, Ms. Feldman. And the three KNEW the charges were false, yet continued, leading to the coordinated theatrics suggesting that Bruce resign. Fast forward nine months and two investigations later to the three voting to prevent his mayoral term a second time.

Malibu residents want the City to comply with the vision and mission statement of Malibu that Ms. Feldman wouldn’t fulfill. But the three seem to have no issue with paving paradise — which is what Ms. Feldman did to Malibu – as well as her devastating failure with the Woolsey Fire. Bruce was elected overwhelmingly to PROTECT the environment and reform the processes that allowed the city to fail. And he has done exactly that since being elected in 2020, as evidenced by constructive reasoning and professionalism while on the city council.

The selfishness of the three that currently comprise the council majority is obvious, and divisiveness will continue. The damage is done by their votes. However, they certainly have controversial dealings that are bound to emerge sooner than later.

The foundation of a working relationship is TRUST. If Karen, Mikke, and Paul cannot exhibit trust for the council member that received the most citizen votes in the election, who should already be mayor, then THEY are the untrustworthy ones on the city council, degrading its ability to work. Dysfunction will continue to put us—the residents—at the bottom of the totem pole yet again.

In less than nine months, there will be two council seats up in November’s election. Once again, Malibu voters can elect two new candidates that will work together to enable the basic principles of Malibu’s way of life that are so elegantly stated in our Mission Statement.

Jo Drummond, Malibu

This letter was orginally published on February 24, 2022.