Letter to The Editor: In response to $800,000 from the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy (SMMC)

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor,

Here is my letter to the Malibu City Council.

I am against the $800,000 that is to be received by the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy (SMMC), i.e., Joe Edminston, via the California Coastal Commission. They should not be the master of these funds without the Malibu City Council’s approval of how they are used.

In particular, it should be stipulated in any agreement that funds should not be used for overnight camping in Ramirez Canyon, Bluff’s Park, or any other fire-danger area. Any such agreement should include how the project is managed by SMMC.

It is nice that Malibu could also be receiving $800,000 from applicants as well as projected future tax revenues, BUT does Malibu really need this Hotel and potential fire hazards, traffic, SMMC more control over Malibu, etc.?

Please consider the above before approving Amendment No. 16-006. Better to not approve!

Thank You for your service to our Community,

David M. Kramer
35 year Malibu resident