Letter to the Editor: In Memory of Kim Devore

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

In Memory of Kim Devore

I’ve known Kim Devore for over twenty-five years, since she first came to write for us at the Malibu Times. She was so much part of our lives and the life of the Malibu Times that it is difficult to think of her being gone.

Kim was easy to work with because she cared so much. Her’s was the world of show biz and its people, and she was our emissary to that world. It is a world she had practically been born into. Her Dad Sy Devore was the tailor to show biz royalty, and she grew up with Uncle Frank and Uncle Dean in her family kitchen. Kim was first a print journalist, later an on-air TV journalist, and then back to print.

In the last few years, we all admired her professionalism and courage as the disease took over her body and the simplest physical steps came progressively more difficult. But Kim never gave up. She kept writing right up to the end, even as her faculties were failing. She was a woman of remarkable courage to the very end.

We will all miss her.

Arnold G York
The Malibu Times
Publisher Emeritus