Goodbye Old Friend

Burt Ross

Goodbye Old Friend

By Burt Ross

Like many others, I was sad to hear that Malibu Kitchen is closing its doors. When I first moved to Malibu, I was told that the food at Malibu Kitchen was out of this world but that its proprietor was a bit on the grumpy side. The food there is so delicious that my bride and I have been steady customers, and rarely a week or even a few days go by that we don’t order Chinese chicken salad, curry chicken, brownies, tuna fish, coleslaw, and so much more. I have never been disappointed with the food we have bought there.

As for Bill Miller, the ever-present owner, yes, he can sometimes be a bit on the grumpy side, but being from back East and a smidgeon cantankerous myself, I hit it off with Bill almost immediately. I have even gotten Bill to smile on several occasions, and there is nothing much more rewarding than getting Bill to smile. I will also miss Judith, Benny, Susie and her golden retrievers, and the other people who work there, all of whom I have come to like.

Malibu Kitchen is a Malibu institution, and like the movie theater, the Malibu Playhouse, and PC Greens, its loss will be felt. If there is one thing I have learned in life, it is that change is the only constant. I look back at my almost 80 years, and all I see is change. The little grocery store in the town where I grew up is long gone, as is the barber shop, my neighbor’s house, my elementary school, and so on.

For whatever reason or a combination of reasons, the decision to close this wonderful eatery has been made. Bill, you done good and have reason to be proud.

Goodbye, old friend. We’ll miss you.