From the Right: Where will Trump verdict lead us?

Don Schmitz

By Don Schmitz 

Democrats are celebrating the guilty verdicts last week, proclaiming the rule of law was reaffirmed, that no one is above the law, even a rich and powerful past president. The millions of Republicans, Independents, and increasing numbers of Democrats that see through this lawfare, are tritely dismissed as “blind cultists.”

Before we genuflect to the omnipotence of the blatantly partisan, and therefore corrupt, Manhattan judicial system, some facts to consider: Alvin Bragg is a far-left, soft-on-crime DA, who ran for office on a platform to go after Trump, demonstrating an inappropriate bias. Apparently “no one is above the law” doesn’t apply to the real criminals mugging and attacking people in New York, as he downgraded over 50 percent of their felonies to misdemeanors. In stark contrast, he upgraded 34 misdemeanors, which were past the statute of limitations, into felonies against Trump. 

FBI Director James Comey chose not to prosecute candidate Hillary Clinton for her crimes in 2016. Special prosecutor Robert Hur didn’t prosecute Joe Biden for knowingly taking classified documents before he was president as he would be hard to convict because he’s a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents related to the Obama Administration Fast and Furious scandal, with no prosecution, yet senior Trump aide Peter Navarro is in jail for refusing to testify to Congress. 

The misdemeanors against Trump were elevated to felonies by asserting they were designed to influence the election, a first. Interestingly the six-person bipartisan Federal Election Commission (FEC) voted not to investigate Trump over the purported porn star payoff; however, the Clinton campaign and DNC paid $113,000 in fines to the FEC for the infamous Steele Dossier. The Clinton campaign hired a research and intelligence firm to create the discredited dossier, then logged it as a “legal expense.” Sound familiar? That was not only designed to throw the election, they fed their lies to the FBI and drug the country through years of hell culminating in Congress impeaching Trump.

Is Hillary Clinton above the law? In 2020, Hunter Biden’s laptop was discovered, full of documented felonies. Three weeks before the 2020 election, the New York Post presented emails from the laptop, alleging corruption by Joe Biden. CIA director John Brennan and 50 former intelligence officials signed a public letter that the laptop was Russian disinformation. Media sycophants ran with that story, while intelligence officers colluded with social media platforms to squelch the topic. In 2022 an FBI whistleblower testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee that FBI higher-ups attempted to throttle the Hunter Biden investigation and influence the 2020 election. Polling by Technometrica Institute indicates 79 percent of Americans believe Trump would have won the election in 2020 if they knew the laptop was real, and begrudgingly, everyone now acquiesces to the fact it is real. That is real election interference — who is going to jail for that? This isn’t “whataboutism,” this is the reality of the double standard, which is antithetical to the rule of law.The Democrats through impeachments and unprecedented civil/criminal cases are desperately trying to thwart the Trump campaign, and Americans are seeing through it. A recent Harris poll found 58 percent of us (including 36 percent of Democrats) agree the prosecutions are a Democrat strategy to take out a political opponent. This debacle in New York is a harrowing transition for America, whereupon the legal system is used to destroy political opponents. Russia, Venezuela, and the DNC have it down to an art form. Sadly, some conservatives are gearing up for retaliation. 

John Davidson at The Federalist stated, “The conviction of former President Donald Trump on manufactured charges in a Stalinist show trial this week marks a crossroads for the Republican Party. From now on, the civil war inside the GOP will be between those who understand they must do to Democrats what Democrats have done to Trump, and those who think they can trundle along with business as usual. Put bluntly, Republicans have to make Democrats play by their own rules. They have to inflict pain ruthlessly on Democrats with endless show trials and lawfare, just as Democrats have done to Trump. The leftist radicals who run the Democrat Party only understand power, and they will only stop when they are force-fed their own medicine over and over.” 

Forty-seven percent of the country is Republican, 42 percent Democrat according to Gallup. Over two-thirds of the states are controlled by Republicans, and the vast majority of counties are Republican. That’s a lot of AGs and DAs in crimson red areas that could indict and imprison Democrat liberal politicians and businessmen. This nightmare scenario is brought to you courtesy of the DNC, an American civil war fought with lawyers, and the Manhattan court is our generation’s Fort Sumter.