Discussion on Next Week’s City Council meeting on Oct. 10


Discussion on Next Week’s City Council

October 10:

Agenda Summary: 

  • Approve Warrants. Recommended Action: Allow and approve warrant demand numbers 67124-67232 listed on the register from the General Fund and direct the City Manager to pay out the funds to each of the claimants listed in Warrant Register No. 711 in the amount of the warrant appearing opposite their names, for the purposes stated on the respective demands in a total amount of $1,4761374.62. City of Malibu payroll check number 5257-5262 and ACH deposits were issued in the amount of $249,880.24.
  • Findings to Hold Virtual City Council, Commission, Committee, Board and Other City Bodies, Meetings Under AB 361. Recommended Action: Consider a motion to reaffirm Resolution No. 22-25, re-authorizing remote teleconferencing/virtual meetings pursuant to AB 361.
  • Amendment to Professional Services Agreement with Newbury Park Tree Service, Inc. Recommended Action: Authorize the Mayor to execute Amendment No. 1 to the Professional Services Agreement with Newbury Park Tree Services, Inc. in the amount of $45,000 for a total not to exceed amount of $180,000 to extend the tree maintenance services for one year.
  • Bailment Agreement with the County of Los Angeles. Recommended Action: Authorize the City Manager to execute a bailment agreement with the County of Los Angeles to allow the Sheriff’s Department to use a new City vehicle for the Volunteers on Patrol program.

New Business:

  • Implementation of Land Use Policy 3.18 Addressing the Use of Rodenticides, Insecticides and Herbicides.
  1. Malibu Community Labor Exchange Permanent Trailer Project. Recommended Action: 1) Receive report on the status of the City’s permanent trailer project for the Malibu Community Labor Exchange; 2) Evaluate project options and alternatives; and 3) Provide direction to staff on how to proceed with the project.

To view the full City Council Agenda, visit malibucity.org/virtualmeetings.