Discussion on Next Week’s City Council meeting on June 12


Discussion on Next Week’s City Council:

June 12:

Ceremonial Presentations:

  1. Presentation of 2023 Jake Kuredjian Citizenship Award
  2. Recognition of Public Safety Responders

New Items: 

  1. Community Facilities District No. 2006-1 (Carbon Beach Utility Undergrounding) – Levy of Special Tax for Fiscal Year 2023-2024
  2. Professional Services Agreement with Yunex, LLC
  3. Community Development Block Grant Program for July 1, 2024 through June 30, 2027
  4. Amendment to Professional Services Agreement with Landscape Development Inc. for Landscape Maintenance Services
  5. Amendments to the Professional Services Agreements for School District Separation
  6. Investment Report for the Month Ending April 30, 2023
  7. Mayors’MonarchPledge

Ordinances and Public Hearings

  1. Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Wastewater Service Charges

Old Business:

  1. Review of the Hybrid Meeting Pilot Program and Commission Meeting Transition Plan
  2. Update Regarding Local Coastal Program Amendment No. 16-006 (Sea View Hotel Project)

New Business:

  1. Malibu Library Set Aside Fund for Fiscal Year 2023-2024 (Continued from May 22, 2023)
  2. Processing Fee Requests per Assembly Bill 2160

Council Items: 

  1. 2023-2024 Harry Barovsky Memorial Youth Commission Appointments

To view the full City Council Agenda, visit malibucity.org/virtualmeetings.