Discussion on Next Week’s City Council meeting on Dec. 12


Discussion on Next Week’s City Council:

December 12:

  • Presentation to Outgoing Councilmembers
  • Remarks by Outgoing Councilmembers
  • Adjournment of 16th City Council
  • Reconvene 17th City Council
  • Administration of Oath Office to Newly Elected Councilmembers
  • Election of Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem
  • Administration of Oath of Office to Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem
  • Remarks by Newly Elected Councilmembers

Ordinances and Public Hearings

  1. Adoption of Ordinance No. 503U – California Building Standards Code.
  2. Adoption of Ordinance No. 506 – Update to Permitting Process for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

New Items: 

  • Amendment to Professional Services Agreement with Stoel Rives LLP. 
  • Findings to Hold Virtual City Council, Commission, Committee, Board and Other City Bodies, Meetings Under AB 361. 
  • Appeal No. 21-016 – Appeal of Planning Commission Resolution No. 21-11 (18868 Pacific Coast Highway; Owner/Appellant, Farshid Etaat).
  • Planning Department Performance Metrics. 
  • Nov. 8, General Municipal Election Results. 

To view the full City Council Agenda, visit malibucity.org/virtualmeetings.