Discussion on Monday’s City Council Agenda


April 25:

  1. Presentation on Co-Existing with Mountain Lion

New Items: 

  • Findings to Hold Virtual City Council, Commission, Committee, Board and Other City Bodies, Meetings Under AB 361. Recommended action to consider a motion to reaffirm Resolution No. 21-64, re-authorizing remote teleconferencing/virtual meetings pursuant to AB 361.
  • Professional Services Agreement for Dark Sky Outreach and Implementation Consulting Services. Recommended action to authorize the Mayor to execute a professional services agreement with Design Services, Inc. dba Benya Burnett. Consultancy to provide Dark Sky Outreach and Implementation consulting services.
  • Professional Services Agreement with 30 Three Sixty Public Finance, Inc. Recommended Action: Authorize the Mayor to execute Professional Services Agreement with 30 Three Sixty Public Finance, Inc. for assessment district administrative service on the various assessment districts within the City.

Ordinances and Public Hearings:

  1. Schedule of Fees Fiscal Year 2022-2023. Recommended Action: 1) Conduct the Public Hearing; and 2) Adopt Resolution No. 22-13 establishing the Schedule of Fees for Fiscal Year 2022-2023.

Old Business: 

  1. None.

New Business:

  1. Potential Tax Measures. Recommended Action: 1) Receive report on potential tax measures previously identified by the City Council, 2) Direct staff to bring back resolutions to submit the question to the voters, setting priorities for arguments and rebuttals, and 3) Direct the City Attorney to prepare an impartial analysis.
  2. Temporary Day-Use Impound Yard. Recommended Action: 1) Review a recommendation by the Public Safety Commission regarding establishing a temporary day-use impound yard; and 2) Provide direction to staff.

Council Items:

  1. Council Appointment to the Parks and Recreation Commission. Recommended Action: Mayor Pro Tem Silverstein may make a new appointment to the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Full City Council agenda can be seen here: https://malibucity.primegov.com/Portal/Meeting?compiledMeetingDocumentFileId=2613