Common Cents: COVID Confusion & Economic Consequences

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Common Cents: Covid Confusion & Economic Consequences 

by Scott Dittrich

Opinion Columnist 

As 2022 draws to a close, economic data increasingly points to an impending recession. In real-time, we are watching the general euphoria caused by unprecedented government spending and near-zero interest rates dissolve, creating a slow-motion burst of the financial bubble as the FED counters inflation with ever-higher interest rates. Simultaneously the lockdowns and termination of workers who refused the mRNA vaccines have wreaked havoc on supply chains. By the third quarter of 2023, the resultant demand destruction indicates considerable economic pain.

While the data increasingly demonstrate that the mRNA shots result in heart issues, even in younger and healthier individuals, new statistics raise more questions. Anyone still believing Dr. Fauci, here is a challenge: If you absolutely knew you were being lied to by Fauci, Collins at the CDC, and even President Biden, would you still follow their Covid policies?

Start with the statement that covid is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Or, if you prefer, if you get the vaccine, you won’t transmit the virus to others. And finally, if you are vaccinated and boosted, you won’t end up in the hospital, and/or you won’t die. Except it is the vaccinated, who are now dying and being hospitalized. (Note, I don’t hold this to be overly significant. It is the elderly and immunocompromised who die from covid-19, and in countries with high vaccination rates, we’d expect most victims to be vaccinated.)

But here’s proof of the lie: On Oct. 11, Janine Small, Pfizer President of International Markets, testifying at the European Parliament, said that Pfizer never tested the vaccine in regards to stopping transmission. Never tested. So Fauci and his pals lied to us. Further, no studies prove the vaccine prevents death or hospitalization once one has contracted the virus. And, the vaccines seem particularly impotent in stopping infection from the various Omicron variants. The current bivalent booster seems at best to protect for only a few weeks, yet side effects seem magnified with each shot. 

At this endemic point in the life cycle of the virus, we should begin to see clear data on side effects. Unfortunately, Dr. Fauci ruined the best opportunity to analyze side effects when, in the midst of the third stage double blind vaccine trials, he informed those who had received the placebo of their status and urged them to get the shot. (He had done the same thing when pushing AZT during the AIDs epidemic. It is a way to prevent anyone from seeing the reality of negative efficacy and side effects).

But the really scary data that is emerging are the reports of myocarditis and aortic aneurysms. The annual deaths are normally very consistent year over year, not varying by more than one or two percent. Suddenly in 2021, however, mortality from all causes spiked somewhere on the order of 12 to 15 percent but only in advanced countries where the mRNA vaccines were commonplace.

Remembering that most covid deaths were and are amongst the elderly and those with comorbidities, i.e., those who in other years might have died from flu or pneumonia, this cannot be attributed to covid itself. We can only speculate at this point as to the reason for the increase. By December 2022, however, new data suggests this spike in deaths is declining. The rise and now decline in all-cause mortality seems to correspond with the decline and current relatively low acceptance of the boosters, despite our government continuing to push the vaccine, even expanding approval for infants and children, who were never much at risk.

In summary, America’s covid response was and is a failure. States that locked down hard, like California, had similar results as states like Florida, which kept churches, schools, and businesses mostly open. Countries like Australia and China that used draconian measures to stop the virus have seen it return in seemingly never-ending cycles. This can be attributed to mRNA vaccines being very narrowly focused. Contrarily, countries that did not use mRNA vaccines (e.g., Africa) had fewer deaths and, because of the wider protection of natural immunity, are not seeing the virus reoccur.  

Finally, as we now are learning from Mr. Musk’s Twitter data release, our own government trampled on Americans’ freedom of speech by banning as “misinformation” of those questioning government covid-policies, policies that have proven ineffective. And, in spite of all the failures, Governor Newsom just signed a bill threatening doctors who disagree with government covid mandates. 

Think of all the past mistakes where accepted science turned out to be wrong. Start with the earth being flat or that the universe has existed forever in a steady state and is not expanding, as Einstein proved. Science requires open discussion.

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