NIMBYS keep whining


I fail to understand how the Malibu Surfside News can call itself a newspaper when it puts a headline like “Council Turns Down Malibu West HOA Preferred Plan” on an article. It was perfectly clear at that meeting that the Malibu West Homeowners had not voted and had not all even seen the “Goldman Plan,” which by the way reduced the original plan that the community had actually voted for by 70 percent. That’s right 70 percent. The NIMBYs are trying to get the park to go away by shrinking it like Alice. Three of the NIMBYs are on the Malibu West HOA board at the moment, heaven help us, as they have consistently tried to get the homeowners on their position by deception and trickery. Luckily it hasn’t worked. A fact the Surfside failed to note. It also failed to note that the plan that is going ahead was modified from the original plan to address and cure every single objection. Instead of being grateful that the council and the friends of Trancas Park addressed all of their concerns, these people are continuing to whine. They really should get a life!

Jean Kingman