Blog: Happy New Era

Duna DiVito

I know a very smart black-haired lady named Isabelle whose beautiful blue eyes are always hiding behind her petite eyeglasses frame. She had a good job but was laid off after many years, and, of course, Isabelle lost her health insurance.

Isabelle had colitis and, after a while, she was not able to pay for her doctor anymore. She could not apply for health insurance because of her old health problem. She felt helpless, hopeless and weak.

Isabelle found out her medicine cost 10 times less in Mexico. Lucky her. She lived in Southern California and crossed the Mexican border to buy her medicine. She did not know any Spanish.

Now, 2014 is here! Isabelle’s nighmare is over! Isabelle has already applied for ObamaCare. She is happy and confident to look for a job. There are many people like Isabelle in this country. So, happy new era, Isabelle.