Millennium Cove


    Millennium Cove

    Is a time and place known only to Nancy and me.

    Millennium Cove is a state of mind

    And a special place where we

    Watch the timeless turmoil

    Of wind and wave and rock,

    Hand in hand on the trembling sand,

    Awed by the primal shock.

    Millennium Cove

    Has a pirates cave where the sea comes rushing in,

    And slurps and sloshes and slides and slaps

    With an irrepressible din.

    Children again for an hour or two,

    We laugh and climb and hide!

    Nancy and me against the sea

    And the tricks of a rascally tide.Millennium Cove

    Is a secret cove without the summer crowds,

    And the winter sky is a stormy sky,

    Mottled with scudding clouds

    Like celestial galleons they threaten,

    And soon the sunlight fades,

    As armadas clash, and the cadenced crash

    Of the sea drums a cannonade.

    Millennium Cove

    Has great black rocks that never seem to smile

    At comical pelicans solemnly

    Flying by in single file.

    Millennium Cove has a lonely gull

    Who seems to want to be,

    In this little cove, this special place,

    A friend to Nancy and me.

    Millennium Cove

    Is timeless. I would not trivialize

    These ancient shores and caverns

    With calendars that surmise

    To measure time in micro-spans …

    “Millennia?” This primordial sea,

    These hoary rocks, these Cambrian sands,

    Evoke eternity!

    Bill Dowey