Letter: It Affects Us All

Letter to the Editor

Written in response to “Broad Beach neighbors open to compromise,” published Oct. 22

The article last week about the hot mess that is Broad Beach highlights another intractable issue in Malibu, right up there with allowing people to camp for free on our beaches. Three hundred thousand cubic yards of sand coming on trucks? That’s 15,000 truck trips or 30,000 round-trip truck deliveries going back and forth to dump sand that Mother Nature will scoff at and take away. 

Do the math. Our little highway is about to get pounded even more. There is zero science behind this working for any reasonable amount of time. Since all of us will be impacted by the 30,000 truck trips and new nature trails for the public to a beach that has zero bathroom facilities, should not the people of this town have a say in the “ultimate solution”? Where is the precedence for this actually working long term? 

Massachusetts coastal government people have struggled with this for years and flat out say bringing in sand does not work. Seventy-thousand-dollar assessment for the homeowners? Back room deals with the California Coastal Commission? I feel sorry for these owners but we should all be allowed to vote on the solutions since they will impact all of us.

William Patterson