Joyful park opening


On Saturday, my husband and I were invited, with many of my neighbors and friends from near and far, to participate in a truly inspirational event, the official opening of Malibu’s Central Park called “Legacy Park.” It was so exciting to actually see the City of Malibu complete this enormous project in about a 10-year period of time, from about 2000-2010.

A project that will leave a beautiful legacy to all classes of people and animals to enjoy at different levels is a wonderful achievement. However, this could not have been done without the great effort of Mayor Sharon Barovsky, who was fulfilling a dream for her husband, Harry, other city council members, a truly dedicated city staff, donations from organizations and local citizens, all working together on a common cause, to give us a Legacy Park for all generations now and in the future.

I am proud to have participated in this worthwhile project. Thanks a bunch to all who made this dream come true. I feel that each Malibu City Council should consider what type of physical legacy they want to leave to its citizens. Another great example is the Malibu library to come, which is now in the works to be completed in a year. I am looking forward to many more projects, a City for all of its citizens to participate in and enjoy.

Marilynn Santman