Charles Huskey


Charles Huskey died on Nov. 26, 2003. He worked for the Malibu Dial-A-Ride program for the past eight years.

Huskey was born in Knoxville, Tenn. on June 9, 1940. He was raised by his mother, who instilled Christian values in him. Huskey served in the U.S. Navy. He was involved with CB Radios with in his father-in-law, in which they both were involved with programs that helped out during disasters and parades.

Huskey was often known to come into work early to make sure the Dial-A-Ride customers were properly scheduled, and he accommodated them as much as possible. He would try to pick up residents he knew were friends in the same cab so they could speak with one another on their way into town. Huskey was an avid fisherman, and enjoyed fishing with his grandchildren.

Huskey is survived by his wife, Margaret; his daughter, Cherri Castill; five grandsons, Daryck, Cory, Anthony, Sage and Tyler; his father, Raymond; two brothers, Gene and Dennis; four step brothers and his nephew, Michael.