Malibu Seen

Kim Cattrall and Darren Star heat things up at the L.A. Confidential shindig. Photo by Jean-Paul Aussenard/WireImage


By Kim Devore Entertainement Writer

One of the city’s hottest pre-awards bashes was strictly confidential-L.A. Confidential, that is. Those hipsters who brought you glossy mags like Gotham, Ocean Drive and Hamptons hosted a racy shindig in Hollywood the other night, and the joint was jumping.

They were lined up limo to limo at the corner of Crescent Heights and Sunset Boulevard. Behind the velvet ropes, dapper publisher Jason Binn was there to meet us in person. One by one, we made our way into the shadowy confines of the Shelter Supper Club, and my word! You wouldn’t believe what they’ve done with the place!

S-and-M was the style of choice at this affair. Enormous dominatrix portraits decked the walls above as guests made themselves comfortable on the cushy faux-fur sofas below. It was a color scheme Dracula could only dream of with jet-black walls and thousands of blood-red rose petals scattered everywhere in sight. There were roaring fires and candles flickering by the dozen as well as mysterious little passageways and secret rooms protected by beefy security guards.

Speaking of beefy, the bartenders were all muscle in their bicep-bearing tees. They poured hefty vodka-tinis, and were all smiles peering out of their glitter and face paint. Servers sporting sky-high Mohawks, black leather minis, spiky stiletto boots and ripped fishnets twisted through the maddening crowd like serpents, with trays of treats towering above their heads. The hungry hoards snapped up spring rolls, baby lamb, chicken skewers and chocolate truffles, while taking in a nonstop parade of sights and sounds.

Fashion statements were made in everything from Hanes to Hermes, and by Hollywood standards, the natives were pretty darn friendly.

“What brings you here,” inquired Rich Fox of a couple of blond fembots lounging at the bar.

“Bob Evans,” they beamed.

Ahhh, Bob Evans. It seems like only yesterday when we were all assembled at the Larry King Cardiac Foundation fundraiser, and the 73-year-old mega-producer-turned-cartoon-character introduced us to the nubile babe who became wife No. 6. The kid stayed in the picture, but Leslie Ann Woodward did not. Still, since one of his “I dos” only lasted nine days, this match of seven months seems downright epic.

For an added touch of sizzle, “Sex and the City” siren Kim Cattrall put in an appearance with HBO golden boy Darren Star. Other A-listers included Daryl Hannah, Dylan McDermott and Tom Arnold as well as the ever bouncy and effervescent Jillian Barberie.

All the merriment was for a very good cause, of course. We were there to celebrate Los Angeles Confidential’s fall fashion issue featuring cover kids Lisa Kudrow and Val Kilmer. And with fun-filled fashion flings like this, we can hardly wait till spring!