Planetary Themes for the Month of January 2021

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.

With both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in 2021, this is a year to reinvent yourself and try new things. Making new social connections can become a priority. Jan. 6-8 is an important period for change and implementing new goals.



An important shift begins for you on Jan. 6 when your planetary ruler, Mars, enters Taurus. Money, stability and enjoying the finer things can become priorities. There is work that needs to get done this month, so make the best use of your time. During the second half, there is a stronger urge to break free in some new directions.



On Jan. 8, you move into a new and favorable cycle for money, work or business opportunities. Your ambitious side gets ignited, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves. You can have some new ideas to implement and people who come into your life. Remember to be more adaptable and willing see another’s perspective.



Achieving your goals and digging deeper into unknown areas of life is a priority through Jan 8. From the eighth onward, a mental shift begins for you. Your inventive and intuitive side comes out. Be willing to think outside the box and pursue new possibilities. Travel, higher learning and social networking become priorities. 



This is a good time to examine and make changes with your finances. Some greater clarity may also be needed with internal issues. On Jan. 8, you move into a more favorable cycle for financial rewards or opportunities and making social connections. Personal relationships can improve or you can also attract new love interests.



Your playful and adventurous side is highlighted until Jan. 6 when a shift begins. You can take on a more serious tone when it comes to work and career matters. This is a good time to implement a new plan of action to attain your goals. When it comes to relationships, some changes are probably in store. Try to go with the flow.



This would be a good time to make some changes with your daily routines and habits. Health and work matters can become a priority. On Jan. 8, a favorable shift begins for reaping greater financial rewards and accomplishing goals. You can also feel more motivated to travel or explore new financial or business opportunities.



You may be still in the mood for some fun and adventure until Jan. 8 when a shift begins. You can take on a more serious tone with your life. This is a time to ignite your ambitious side and take action in the direction of your goals. Satisfaction comes from your work. Home and family matters can also take on more importance.


This can be a good time to implement your ideas related to your work or career. When it comes to family and relationships, your stubbornness may get you into some trouble. Try to be more adaptable and make compromises if some unexpected changes occur. Your social life and network can open new doors for you. 



With Jupiter in Aquarius, not much can hold you back! You are ready to break ties from the past and step in some new directions. Be willing to experiment with new ideas. When it comes to work and finances, you may feel like things are unpredictable or on some shaky ground. Play it safe and aim to create more stability. 



You can benefit from working behind the scenes and taking some alone time until Jan. 8 when it’s time to come out of your shell. As Venus transits your sign from the eighth onward, you are in a favorable cycle for manifesting greater abundance and love in your life! It is also a time to implement your new or inventive money-making ideas.  



Interacting socially brings more satisfaction through Jan. 8. From the eighth onward, it would be good for you to spend more alone time and let go of any matters from the past. You also move into your own element for expressing your individually and original ideas. You can feel the urge to make some changes in your domestic life.



You are set to make progress attaining your goals. Opportunities can open through your friends or social network. There may also be some internal issues that need to be resolved. Avoid stuffing your feelings. Communicating will take on more importance. From Jan. 6 onward, you can feel the urge to express new ideas.