Show of leadership


    I was delighted to learn that Roy Van de Hoek is going to bat for the residents of Point Dume – both human and wildlife alike.

    While the current City Council members and Planning Commissioners are promoting unfounded fears among Malibu citizens about the Coastal Commission and the Malibu Local Coastal Program (LCP), Van de Hoek actually traveled to the Ventura Commission office and presented evidence of sensitive tide pools and seal haul-out areas as reason to support his contention that no new access sites need to be opened at Pt. Dume, Latigo or Paradise Cove. I’ve heard that the Commission staff were impressed with his findings, and seemed supportive of this position. Without even being elected yet, Roy Van de Hoek shows more leadership potential-certainly on environmental issues-than all of the other City Council candidates combined.

    Bob Gillespie