Praise for the Times


    Amnesia is a condition that enables a woman who has gone through labor to become pregnant again. It is also a condition that has an effect on those who believe that the Malibu Times is a weekly that sucks and is full of trash. Your tabloid is jam packed with the commentary of outstanding contributors, both professional writers and the helper donors of poets and letter writers. Pam Linn’s article in the June 22, 2000 issue of The Malibu Times regarding her “Dear Old Dad” is a case in point. Her observations were enlightening, educational and revealing.

    Pam demonstrated a deep perceptive of life with her father, which was considerate, affectionate and kindhearted. Not leaving out mothers, I recall an editorial written by a cantankerous editor of a Malibu newspaper which showed the same qualities when writing about a visit to his mother a few years back. The predicament at The Malibu Times is the wealth of writing genius in such a diminutive community and a limited amount of space in which to publish articles. If the editorial staff of the Malibu Times looks around on their floor for discarded pieces they just might find a letter explaining “relativity” from Albert Einstein or even one of Mayor Tom Hasse’s amnesia misplaced traffic tickets.

    And this is all I have to say (sure).

    Tom Fakehany