Good and bad


Those chiding the appointment of John Mazza to the Planning Commission would better serve Malibu by taking exception to the appointment of Jeff Jennings.

Indeed, John’s appointment (by Zuma Jay) should be welcomed by all residents concerned about the heedless development and environmental abuses increasingly marring our cityscape.

To the stalwart few who have sadly witnessed the mostly ill-advised decisions of the recent past commissions and councils, John has been resolute in his attempts to hold the city accountable for its back door deals favoring deep pocket residents and their sycophantic consultants trying to pervert our planning regulations.

Conversely, the reactionary Jennings has consistently abused his office when on council, bullying and belittling any opposition while siding with special interests. His dubious knowledge of planning is flavored by a mendacious tenor that makes his appointment (by John Sibert) reek of cronyism that does not augur well for the new council.

Good luck, John. You’ll need it.

Sam Hall Kaplan