Letter: A cup of kindness


There is much discussion in our community about supporting local business and the new proposed ordinance limiting national chains. Prior to the construction at the new Trancas development, many local customers asked the local Starbucks manager if during the construction a temporary facility could be constructed to accommodate the locals.

Significant effort by management at multiple levels resulted in Starbucks setting up temporary trailers on site during the construction of the new Starbucks. While Starbucks is an international business, the people who work out of our Starbucks in the temporary trailers are our friends and neighbors. We, the local customer base who asked for this accommodation, need to step up with greater support of the Trancas local Starbucks. Quite simply, Starbucks agreed to set up a temporary facility to serve us and yet many customers now go elsewhere. Let’s all make a greater effort to support the Trancas Starbucks and give gratitude for the people who serve us in so many ways.

David C. Solinger