Make recycling a must


I am amazed, first of all, that Malibu does not have some sort of statute for mandatory recycling. Isn’t our community supposed to care about the environment? That’s something the City Council should all agree on and should get onto the city’s books at their next session. City laws aside, I am further amazed by the absence of recycling bins all around Malibu on recycling pick-up days. In my own neighborhood, fewer than half of the homes have recycling containers. I find this unacceptable and everyone else in Malibu should, too. We should all care enough about our community’s environment and the larger global environment to recycle the products each of us uses every day – newspaper, brown shopping bags, glass bottles, plastic bottles, plastic and glass containers, Styrofoam products, just to name a few. Come on, people, get a conscience, get a recycling bin and join the rest of us who care.

Kelli Sullivan