Hypocritical show — "The West Wing"


    I read Pam Linn’s take on the Emmy awards, especially her delight in the sweep of “The West Wing.”

    I have watched the show on a few occasions and I have found myself wondering if a show about a Republican administration would ever happen in Hollywood.

    The answer is a resounding no!

    Instead, on “The West Wing,” Democrats and liberals are seen as the saviors of mankind while Republicans and conservatives are seen as the devils incarnate. Stereotypes abound on “The West Wing” and it only makes sense that awards for this show would given by those who also contribute to the Democratic National Committee.

    Martin Sheen supported a woman in Malibu who threw a bucket of mud on an architectural design because she said her point of view was more important than the freedom of the community to decide how they want their land to be developed. That sounds like anarchy to me.

    Martin Sheen invited the homeless to come to Malibu. We all know that in Malibu there are no facilities to take care of homeless people — no shelters, no soup kitchens.

    If anyone tried to build the necessary facilities, there would be a public outcry from many of the same people who voted to honor “The West Wing” with all of those Emmys.

    Gail M. Wilburn