Local Nonprofits Teaming Up to Help Community During COVID-19

Covid Relief

Malibu residents—particularly, residents who are elderly, immunocompromised, immobile or in medical quarantine—are being offered a lifeline in the form of door-to-door delivery of essential food and supplies.

The service is being offered by Malibu Foundation, in support of Mighty Underdogs, and is designed for “community members who find themselves at the intersection of being most vulnerable to the virus and most impacted by inequity,” according to information provided by Malibu Foundation.

Sponsored by the foundation, Mighty Underdogs volunteers will offer door-to-door delivery of groceries, water, medications, pet food and other supplies to those who are unable to leave their homes.

Anyone interested in using this service can click here or text COVID to 833.407.0117. Information will remain confidential.

“Volunteers will avoid direct contact by leaving supplies at the door and practice precautionary sanitation measures,” the foundation’s statement said. “Some supplies may be difficult to obtain, but we will try our best to fulfill any requests for assistance.”

Malibu Foundation is also accepting donations to the COVID relief fund, which you can reach by clicking here.