Safety first beach access


    Is the California Coastal Commission grandstanding for public support in many of its demands for beach access? In its latest draft Malibu LCP, the Commission demands vertical access every 500 to 1,000 feet along the coast. This policy does not recognize local conditions where there are narrow rocky strips of beach that easily trap people between rocks, dangerous waves, currents and house pilings during medium to high tides. Nor has the Commission responded to concerns about the dangers of parking and crossing Pacific Coast Highway to reach proposed access strips.

    The Commission has also not responded to concerns about lack of lifeguards and restrooms. These dangerous conditions exist at proposed access ways to Las Tunas, Big Rock, Las Flores, portions of Latigo Beach and Malibu Cove Colony beaches. Also, the Commission appears intent on leading the public onto a narrow storm drain of Las Flores Creek where there is often polluted runoff. Instead of misleading the public with false promises, the Commission should be meeting with the City of Malibu, Los Angeles County, State Park Service and others to develop a program with local knowledge for real improvements for real access to safe beaches that are passable during all tides.

    Jeff Harris