Frank J. Guttler Jr.


Frank J. Guttler recently died at age 89. He was born in Chicago, where he was apprenticed by his father as a cooper (a wooden barrel maker) in 1934. Guttler entered carpentry after the Great Depression. He was a member of the Carpenter’s Union Local 839, receiving his 65th year pin in a ceremony honoring Guttler in 2003.

Guttler is survived by his daughters, Diane Blake and Claudia Heinz, his son, Richard, grandchildren, Frank, Anthony, Austine, Wendy Cohen, Jenn August, Michael Blake, Michelle Blake, Collette Churchill, Stephanie Green and John William Heinz, great grandchildren Francesca, Camile Cohen, Alexann Cohen and Lauren Churchill. Guttler was preceded in death by his wife of 55 years, Fran and his brother, Carl.

Funeral arrangements will take place in Illinois. Donations should be made to the Santa Monica YMCA at 1332 Sixth St. in Santa Monica.