Malibu sports spotlight: Indy Moore, Director of KAMP Indy

Julie, Kenley and Indy Moore

Thanksgiving is a time to gather together and cherish our families and relatives. The holiday allows us the opportunity to reflect upon the people who have molded our lives and inspired us to live out our dreams. The Malibu community is fortunate to have a gentleman who has impacted hundreds of lives for the past eight years. 

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Ind., Evan “Indy” Moore has positively influenced the youth of Malibu with his compassion and guidance through sports. It is a habit that comes naturally. Moore, 39, spent much of his early life at the Hawthorne Community Center in Indianapolis, where his grandmother was the director. Growing up playing sports and participating in day camps, Moore fell in love with youth sports. His mother, father and aunt encouraged him to stay active in sports by being involved as much as he could. 

After marrying his wife, Julie, Moore headed west to San Francisco and ultimately Los Angeles, where Julie pursued a career in acting. Moore kept his commitment to youth sports by creating “KAMP Indy” in Malibu, which stands for “Kids Actively Making Progress.” Inspired by actor Pamela Anderson, KAMP Indy attracts 200 campers a year from age 2 to 12. 

A Woodland Hills resident, Moore drives six days a week to Malibu to teach, coach and mentor youth. He has been involved with the City of Malibu’s flag football, soccer and basketball programs, Malibu Little League baseball and other camps since 2004. 

He is the proud father of 3-year-old, Kenley. For more information on KAMP Indy, please visit Kampindy. com. 

The Malibu Times caught up with Moore as he prepares for a season of youth basketball. 

What is the mission of KAMP Indy here in Malibu? 

KAMP Indy was born out of working with kids. I wanted to take my passion for kids and passion for sports by being active and tie it into one. We want kids to not only be active but to make progress. We do day camps, beach camps and games to help kids stay active. We take the principles that I was taught as a young boy from my parents and instill them here with the kids. Life lessons such as listening, respect, being a teammate can be taught in sports and rolled over into their homes, classrooms and jobs when they get older. 

Fun is first and foremost. Then we teach the kids the basic fundamentals of different sports. At practice we have exciting games, fun drills and scrimmages at the end. As long as you make it fun for them, they enjoy it that much more. 

How has Pamela Anderson supported you and your vision of KAMP Indy? 

I met Pamela and her two kids at a camp in Pacific Palisades. They became like my shadows. I loved them. From that point, she introduced me to Malibu and we talked about the KAMP Indy vision and she has been a huge supporter and cheerleader of all of our programs. We love her and she is like a sister to me. She is a huge reason for the success we have had out here. 

What has it been like moving from Indianapolis to Malibu? 

I’m a mama’s boy. I love Indiana and Malibu is a small community. It reminds me of home because it is such a home community. I love that. The only difference is the money and the ocean. I got sick and we had a baby all in the same weekend. The Malibu community rallied around us and so I hope I can some way pay that back with all these kids. Malibu is a very special place and my home away from home. I’m very honored to have the respect and ability to work out here. 

How are you going to celebrate Thanksgiving and what does it mean to you? 

Thanksgiving always meant watching football, having lots of food and being with the family. We are going home for Christmas so my family will be celebrating Thanksgiving with a family that I am blessed to work with. Stan and Annette Cook and their children Grayson, Chase and Preston are my family here in Malibu. I’m with them all the time. They accept us as family and it’s awesome. Thanksgiving is family. If I can’t get it back at home, then I will get it with my family out here.