Malibu Seen: The Departure of ‘Game of Thrones’ Was One of the Many Unusual Events at the Very Interesting 2019 Emmys!

The 2019 Emmys had little to say about this year’s biggest drama, “Game of Thrones.”

“Game of Thrones” was nominated for a record number of awards in the 2019 season-ending Emmy Awards.

However, the departure of the show appears not to have been appreciated, as it did not even come close to winning its fair share of the awards as projected.

“Veep” was also projected to win many awards, but ended up in the same situation. I saw “Veep” and thought for sure it would win many more awards than it did.

“Fleabag” won a major victory by beating out the comedy competition for some of the largest number of awards of the evening.

Many past Oscar winners, including Robert De Niro and Matt Damon, were among those nominated who did not win an award.

Cannot wait until the awards for next year and see if the producers of the awards do not have a host segment to say goodbye to shows like “Game of Thrones.”