Fails to follow rules


After reading some recent material from the Mazza campaign, I find it impossible to remain silent. For years this candidate has nit-picked building applications placed before the city, at planning commission and city council meetings. However, when he does work on his own residence, he ignores the required permit process, hides behind his gates and “bootlegs” the work. His actions have robbed the city of fees and the tax assessor of money for schools.

When his neighbors work laboriously to make the street dedication they live on a no parking, tow-away zone, he ignores their efforts and routinely illegally parks his cars in that zone. I find it the height of hypocrisy that one of the themes of this candidacy is “that he just wants everyone to follow the same rules.” If elected, judging from past experience, all rules would apply to everyone, except him.

Another theme in this candidacy, support of term limits, makes a mockery of his efforts on the board of Malibu Riviera One. If term limits applied to that organization he would have been removed years ago. It is unfortunate that this homeowners association, of which he has presided over for ten years, does not in fact, have term limits. He has not been able to accomplish even the most basic of his stated goals, while holding that position.

I do congratulate him on his newfound interest in ball fields, schools, children and expediting the permit process. It would seem, however, that he believes that the citizens of Malibu have lost their collective memory regarding his past non-involvement in these matters. To the contrary, I believe that you have to be smart to get to live in this town and I respect the ability of the Malibu voters to see through this transparent candidacy.

Sari Snyder